How Can You Manage To Work At Night and Study in the Morning

June 14,2018

I personally would not recommend anybody to do a full time job along with the studies.

However certain situations compelled you to do so.

I did it too! To support my education and for me to live.

I worked in nights and attended college in day time

During those days I worked as a Technical Support Representative. My job is to analyze, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for voice, internet or data installation and connection issues. My typical shift were 9pm to 5am because the pay is much higher compare to day shift schedules.

Being a student, I had class schedule from 7am in the morning to 5pm in the afternoon.

If I had an exam coming, I would not sleep and go for class directly.

I have divided my subjects, which I can study on my own and for which I need to attend class

So I used to stretch my self for important lectures and used to miss non-important lectures.

I had rented a room very close to my school and workplace, so I never used to waste time, either I will head to home or find a cosy corner in college to catch a nap.

Following is some of my advise for you who also in this kind of situation:

  • Prioritize! Do the important things first rather than the urgent ones. Important things are things that contribute to your long-term goals. Urgent things are things you need to respond quickly.

  • Do not compromise on your studies, the job may give you some money but your studies will define your life. Speak to your employer and try to get a shift timing which suits you best.

  • Do not waste time. I think you need money, so time is money. When you have the money you can easily cope up with your studies.

  • Do not waste your hard earned money. You need lots of money for your studies and daily expenses.

  • Stay healthy! A healthy body helps you to cope up with stress and also fight illness